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Louis Park

  1. Address

    3121 Monte Diablo Avenue
    Stockton, CA 95203

    Sub Locations

    1. 90 ft. baseball diamond southeast corner of the park
    2. Northeast softball/baseball diamond 60 ft. bases
    3. Southeast softball/baseball diamond 60 ft. bases

    Louis Park

    Louis Park is a Riverfront park located in Stockton. It has a softball complex that offers four softball fields with a public approach system and scoreboards for each area. The park has a central concession stand and indoor and outdoor event areas. Louis Park has boat ramps, an outdoor fitness station, a fishing pier, concerts, and multiple horseshoes. The park features a boat launch, picnic shelters, and sports fields with BBQs. In the park, people go for a walk, jog, and exercise in the morning. The park has separate playgrounds for kids and stone benches for visitors.

    Louis Park has a 4 field complex for softball/baseball with 60 & 70 ft. bases and one baseball/90ft. diamond

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