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Locations where our activities take place.
  1. Address

    734 Houston Ave,, Corner of Manthey rd. and Houston st.
    Stockton, CA 95206

    Sub Locations

    1. North Diamond Closest to Houston st.
    2. South Diamond Closest to canal

    Barry Zito Fields at Van Buskirk Park.

    North and South diamonds. 60 foot bases. fences. grass infields. 

  2. Address

    3121 Monte Diablo Avenue
    Stockton, CA 95203

    Sub Locations

    1. 90 ft. baseball diamond southeast corner of the park
    2. Northeast softball/baseball diamond 60 ft. bases
    3. Southeast softball/baseball diamond 60 ft. bases

    Louis Park

    Louis Park is a Riverfront park located in Stockton. It has a softball complex that offers four softball fields with a public approach system and scoreboards for each area. The park has a central concession stand and indoor and outdoor event areas. Louis Park has boat ramps, an outdoor fitness station, a fishing pier, concerts, and multiple horseshoes. The park features a boat launch, picnic shelters, and sports fields with BBQs. In the park, people go for a walk, jog, and exercise in the morning. The park has separate playgrounds for kids and stone benches for visitors.

    Louis Park has a 4 field complex for softball/baseball with 60 & 70 ft. bases and one baseball/90ft. diamond

  3. Address

    5758 Lorraine Ave.
    Stockton, CA 95210

    Sub Locations

    1. softball/baseball diamond 60 ft. bases
    2. baseball diamond 90 ft. bases

    Panella park

    Panella Park is a beautiful public park located in Stockton. It has a kidâ??s adventure playground, an open table-tennis table, and recreation activities for all ages. There are plenty of events and activities for children, free outdoor equipment, tennis courts. Panella Park a wide range of events and general activities with play centers. There are plenty of excellent amenities, such as an all-natural playground for the children. The park has lots of parking areas.

    There is one baseball/softball/60 ft. diamond and one baseball/90 ft. diamond

  4. Address

    1760 E Sonora St
    Stockton, CA 95205

    Sub Locations

    1. West baseball diamond 90 ft. bases
    2. East baseball diamond 90 ft. bases
    3. West softball/baseball diamond 60 ft. bases
    4. East softball/baseball diamond 60 ft. bases

    Stribley Park

    Stribley Park, located in Stockton, CA, is a Park that offers outdoor recreation and nature preservation. A public space open to the general public, the Park offers open spaces under the maintenance of the Stockton Parks Department.

    There are two softball/60 ft diamonds and two baseball/90 ft. diamonds.

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